Reputation Marketing

Have You Googled Your Business Lately?

You May Need Some Reputation Management TLC

7 out of 10 consumers head to the internet to check out a business’s reputation before making a purchase, according to recent studies…

…Do you know what they’re learning?

Whether we wanted it or not, Google has ingrained itself into our daily lives, and, whether you’re aware of it or not, your online reputation on Google is severely impacting your business and its ability to generate profits, especially if you’re not engaging in online reputation management.

Why Reputation Management Is So Important

  • 3 out of 4 consumers say online reviews are a major factor in deciding whether or not they willbuy a specific product/servicewhat company they will buy fro
  • Consumers look at an average of 10 reviews before they decide what to buy
  • It takes 6 to 10, “5 Star Reviews” for a company to be trusted in the eyes of a potential customer

Your Own “Custom” Branded Review Page Right On Your Website!

Why Take Your Customers Away From Your Site, Like Many Lesser Services Do?

Your patients, clients and customers can leave reviews everyday. Makes It MUCH Easier For People To Leave Reviews…

With Our Exclusive “Survey” Feature, You Can Even Ask Questions You’d Like The Answers To From Your Clientele! (Review with or without optional survey.)

You get a custom designed “Survey and Review” page placed right on your website, for instant feedback and reviews from your clients, customers and patients.

The Most Current 5-Star Raving Reviews Posted Right On The “Home” Page Of Your Website!

We scour the entire internet for reviews about your business and also upload great reviews that your patients or clients have added to other major directory sites. (We ensure that only the great reviews get distributed.)

(People never see old outdated reviews… )

The client video testimonials (Text and Video Reviews)are posted right on the Home page of your website for everyone to see!

We Create A Testimonial Page For Your Website With Text and Video Testimonials

This is VERY powerful “social proof” on your website. Imagine, every time a new visitor lands on your website, they see all these amazing 5 star reviews about your business. We can even add your video testimonials in the same column with the text reviews, and each review can be clicked on which will immediately redirect the visitor directly to the local search site where the review was originally posted!

We Monitor Your Online Reputation And Notify You Immediately Of All Reviews

We send you “Alerts” to immediately notify you of a newly posted negative or positive review.

We send you your own “review report” that shows you ALL the reviews that you’ve received on your 3rd party sites.

This allows someone from your staff to contact and correct EVERY situation that might arise. (The review will not show on your site, but the alert will give you the opportunity to correct and resolve the issue with your client.)

We Post Your 5 Star Reviews To The Social Media Sites:

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc. (for even stronger social proof for your business!) Imagine the impact of not only seeing your 5 star reputation reviews on your website, but also, on all the social media networks and social media sites. Your 5 star raving reviews broadcast for all the world to see!

We Not Only Help You Develop A 5 Star Reputation, But Then We Market That 5 Star Reputation!

This is the MOST complete marketing system ever developed to get your business or practice more new “pre-qualified” patients, clients and customers than any other form of advertising.

It doesn’t matter if you spend thousands of dollars on marketing if you don’t have at least six to ten 5 Star reviews.

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